Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flyer for The Khans / Bad Bad / Pee Jays

I love show flyers. They are a great place to experiment and play with ideas without the pressure to create something "definitive". For the same reason, I never want to spend too long on them. 

When I heard The Khans and Bad Bad were playing together my first reaction was the word "EPIC" that came out of my mouth involuntarily. Both bands have people that are good friends of mine, and their shows are truly some of the most fun I've ever had with live music.

The second reaction was, "can I do the flyer"?

I started with collage, intending to do a massive pen and ink drawing. I even started it...

It was fun too! But then I saw this article on generation loss (which i've always been a fan of)...
I used to do this kind of thing with Xerox machines... shrinking down images, then scaling them up. You get tons of grain and halftones and contrast and fun. 

So I started messing around with my old HP B&W Laserjet and Epson 4490 Scanner:
I decided to go another route and do some pen work on top of the 2nd Gen Print/Scan. This saved me a ton of time, and while maybe not as cool as all original line work, it was probably more fun. Here it is after the last of the pen work:

And here is a Duotone version of the finished piece:

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