Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Death Grip - One Sheet

The Death Grip poster was a lot of fun. Rebecca Ahn and Eric Jacobus worked very closely with me on this one, floating source images and doing a lot of design iterations very quickly. They had a very good sense of how they wanted to present the film even as they navigated multiple market pressures... (the film has DVD/BluRay distribution overseas in many different countries/markets).

One challenge was that the poses of the characters we all liked were frame grabs from the movie, which was shot in HD. Blowing them up to the size of a 40 inch tall poster was going to need some finessing. The strategy was to add some illustrative elements, as well as half-tone, and texture. The result is a fun mix of pop art and pulp.

Here are some of the design iteration we went through before landing on the final composition, (clearly they are very rough, simple blockings):
Eric and Rebecca also had me do some of the titles for the Movie and Trailer including the main title. you can see some of that work here:

or you can go get the movie and see the whole thing!
Here is a pic of me and the theatre from the premiere: 

also, some related goof...

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